The company that produced the ProtecTV has gone out of business.  (This website has been produced as a service to ProtecTV owners.)

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ProtecTV connects between your TV and VCR, cable, satellite receiver or DVD player to filter profanity. It can be set up easily in approximately 5 minutes, and once installed it automatically detects and filters out 95% of all offensive words and phrases on qualifying TV programs and videos. 


  • ProtecTV filters out more than 400 offensive words.
  • ProtecTV works with your TV, VCR, Satellite, Cable Box and DVD player.
  • ProtecTV is easy to connect.
  • Full-time closed captioning can be turned on or off with the flip of a switch.
  • Can be used as a closed caption decoder for older television sets.

Compare the ProtecTV with the TVGuardian

See the filter comparison, Frequently Asked Questions, and Support pages.

Please Note:

  • Filtering is accomplished by reading the closed captions.  Live broadcasts, such as news or sporting events, have delayed closed captions and therefore, these shows can not be edited.  Also, programs without closed captioning are not edited.  Most all TV shows and videos are closed captioned.
  • The filtering feature will not work with DVDs distributed by Universal Studios.  Universal Studios does not use closed-captioning on their DVDs , therefore, the filtering feature will not work.
  • See the Filter Comparison Chart to see how it rates with the TVGuardian.



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